Pokemon... Minecraft... PIXELMON!!!

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Pixelmon allows you to bring Pokemon to Minecraft!

You can capture, train and battle various Pokemon in Minecraft.

This mod serves as a great alternative to the actual Pokemon games and is something that can be enjoyed with your friends in a multiplayer environment.

PixelMon Info

Key Binds

R: Send out/retrieve Pokémon.

↑ & ↓ or [ & ]: Change selected Pokémon in GUI.

O: Show/hide party GUI.

Right-click: Mount Pokémon/Use item on Pokémon.

V: If an owned Pokémon is sent out, pressing this key while the cursor is over a wild Pokémon will cause the currently sent out Pokémon to chase down the wild Pokémon and engage in battle with it.

G: Use currently selected external move.

B: Cycles through external moves if a Pokémon has more than one.

I: Opens the Pokédex. If the player is looking at a Pokémon, the Pokédex will navigate directly to that Pokémon's entry, and will be registered as "seen" if it hasn't been seen or caught before.

K: If the player is holding an item, this key opens up the item's page on this wiki or the Minecraft Wiki in the player's internet browser, depending on the item. If the player is looking at a block and not holding an item, this key opens the respective wiki page for that block.

Y: If the player is looking at another player who is in a battle, this key causes the player to begin spectating the other player's battle.

P: Open the Pixelmon config GUI.

U: Open the player's Trainer Card.

How To Install Pixelmon Reforged

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Some useful links

Pixelmon Controls tutorial


Full blowen Pixelmon tutorial


Sirud's YouTube page


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