Collect. strategize. build. defeat!

In these PvP maps, you have the opportunity to prove who is the smartest warrior.

As long as a player's bed stays intact, they will always have a respawn point.

If you destroy the bed and kill the player, you win the match.

Don't forget to protect your bed, collect your supplies and strategize your enemies demise.

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BedWarz Commands

/book - Opens you're Book of Translocation and Misinformation even if you dont have it in your inventory.

/bw stats - Allows you to show your current bedwars stats.

/bw list - Executing this command displays every game

/bw leave - Leaves the current game

/bw join - When execute this command, you (the current player) will join the given game. If game is running and spectation is disabled, you can't join. Otherwise you will join as a spectator (when game is running) or join the lobby (game is waiting).


BedWarz Halloween Map

our 2-4 player 2 team Halloween map with a gold mine at each base, by the way, did we mention the base is a hollow pumpkin.


BedWarz 1v1 Basic

The basics 1v1 simple, fun, clean and fast


BedWarz 2-4 Player Free for All

With up to 4 teams of 1 player, each this is free4all each player starts on his side of the map and battles to the massive stash of goods in the middle and the enemies beds. The last man standing wins!


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All our minecraft servers run on our bungeecord network

Joining is as easy as connecting to the lobby at the address below and choosing your game from the gui.

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